Social Media Coaching for Real Estate
Our weekly real estate social media coaching will teach how to turn your social media efforts into a business building machine!
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Social Media Coaching for Real Estate

A new technology , social media, and marketing
coaching program for real estate professionals!

You use social media everyday, but are you using it to grow your business, build and enhance relationships, and generate quality leads?
Our weekly technology, social media and marketing coaching will teach you how to effectively use technology and turn your social media efforts into a business building machine!


…how to use Facebook to create quality real estate leads. It can be for more than just catching up with your family and friends.


…with more customers using advanced marketing strategies over multiple social media channels.


…new marketing platforms and ideas to stay ahead of your competition in the noisy online world.

Your coach | John Ringgold

John Ringgold - CoachAs a leading real estate agent, by utilizing social media, systems and setting goals, John developed his business into a successful real estate machine. With his knowledge of technology in real estate and his patience and understanding of daily real estate issues, he then took an opportunity to share his skills and knowledge with all the agents as managing broker and trainer at a large real estate firm.

Over the past few years John has been hired by individual agents, brokerages, local and state associations to consult about social media and technology topics in real estate.

Now he is ready to share his knowledge, tips, ideas, and experiences with you!